Tracker Plus LEED Licence Fees 2013 / 2014

Tracker Plus LEED is available under three license options that have been designed to provide flexibility in project duration, speed of activation and volume discounting.

Option 1

Monthly Licence Payment

Monthly Per Project Fees of £40 / $65* per month

The most flexible licence package. Use Tracker Plus for a single month or however long you need to attain your LEED rating.

Option 2

Annual Licence Payment

LEED Annual Per Project fees, £400 / $650* per year

This option provides a fixed and assured cost for a year and includes a discount of 2 free months if compared with Option 1.

Option 3

Single Project Licence Payment

  1. Single payment, £750 / $1215*
  2. Offer for existing T+ BREEAM Users, £500 / $810* per project**
  3. Volume discount, >10 project annual setups, £500 /$810* per project

If you would like a fixed fee for the duration of your project this Option is for you. If you would like to purchase more than 10 licences please contact us for a quotation.

Options 1 & 2 are subscription services with projects becoming activated following completion of an application wizard with payment via WorldPay™.

Option 3 covers a single per project license to cover access to the system for up to 5 years. If this option is selected the Tracker Plus LEED will generate an invoice which will need to be paid prior to project activation.


  1. Option 1 - In setting up a project an initial monthly payment would be taken with 11 subsequent monthly payments. Monthly renewal would be automatic unless notified.
  2. Option 1 - Two weeks' notice would be required for cancellation of a monthly subscription.
  3. Option 2 - In setting up a project under this option the project will be activated for a period of 12 months following which entitlement to use the service will automatically terminate.
  4. Option 2 - Upon termination of a 12 month licence period the project can be re-activated through purchase of a further licence.
  5. Option 3 - Cleared payment is required in full prior to project activation. Upon application through a Tracker Plus web form an invoice will be issued against which payment can be made.
  6. Option 3 - Project duration will be limited to 5 years. Renewal can be made by paying for any further licence.
  7. ** Introductory fee for existing T+ BREEAM users for all projects set-up up to and including 31st May 2014. From 1st June 2014 fees will be £750 per project.
  8. * Payments will be taken in £Stirling as standard. When ordering from countries outside of the UK exchange rates will be fixed on the day of purchase for Options 1 & 2 by WorldPayTM and by the clearing banks for Option 3. Prices shown in $US are indicative and will vary with the exchange rate.
  9. The above is subject to agreement of the TrackerPlus Licence Agreement, details of which are included within the main proposal documentation.
  10. The above services are provided in accordance with the TrackerPlus Service Level Agreement, details of which are included within the main proposal documentation.
  11. The 'Per-project' fees cover a data storage allocation as set out in the TrackerPlus Service Level Agreement noted above for a fixed 3 year timescale. Where further data storage space (or an extension to the 3 year time period) is required, additional costs will be incurred as set out in the Service Level Agreement. There is not a 'stop' on the system once the data limit is reached on any project however licence holders will be informed.
  12. UK VAT will be charged at point of payment if applicable to the location of purchase. Where the system is purchased by a company based external to the UK and the LEED project building is not located in the UK then no UK Value Added Tax will be charged.
  13. Please consult the full License Agreement and Schedule 1 (Scope of Fees) which will be presented when instigating a project in Tracker Plus.

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