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The Tracker Plus KPI site helps industry professionals monitor, report on and manage their performance metrics more intelligently. Helping them translate complex sustainability data into clear, tangible actions that result in sustainability and cost savings.

Benefits of Tracker Plus KPI

  • One state of the art platform covering all sustainability KPIs.
  • Report and optimize performance at all levels, Project up to Corporate.
  • See cost savings and identify areas of further improvement.
  • Influence performance in real time: Reports ready in minutes.
  • Supports and dovetails with existing sustainability teams-saves and opens-up their time.
  • Supporting Supply Chains. Brings suppliers into project sustainability.
  • Collaborate and keep all team members updated by email.
  • Reports and dashboards designed to inform all audiences.
  • Simple but secure system. Designed for very little training overhead.
All projects held centrally

Project Dashboard shows status at a glance

A wealth of KPIs available for monitoring

Easy data entry, using centralised supplier information

Reporting by project, but can also be aggregated and processed across business units and KPIs

Activity monitoring so teams can be managed more easily

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