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T+ Green Certification

Covering the full green certification process, from project planning and option appraisal stage to running full assessments, reporting and final certification, Tracker Plus streamlines assessments, facilitating interaction between administrators/assessors and the project team and dramatically reducing administrative tasks.

Benefits of Tracker Plus Green Certification

  • All your assessment information online in one place
  • Assessment criteria and evidence requirements available to project teams instantly online
  • Dynamic scoring ensures you can see the progress of the assessment in real time
  • Automated emails remind project team members of forthcoming actions
  • Upload supporting documentation direct to your project on the system
  • Download progress reports whenever they're required
  • All information stored on secure, encrypted servers and accessible 24/7
All your projects and all your data in one place

Assigning responsibilities, deadline and automated email reminders

Credit filtering so you get to the information you need fast

Credit information

Helpful reports generated including Tracker and Guidance documents

Team provided with update emails

Direct submission and interaction with BRE leading to Certification

Helpful information and new features

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