LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a global environmental assessment method operated by the US Green Building Council. The standard provides a quality assured rating of the sustainability of buildings and communities and results in LEED certified status. Using a core structure of well accepted design and performance standards the LEED system has been developed over recent years to utilise many national standards around the world so that assessments can be undertaken easily without the need to duplicate design and construction activity to also meet US standards. Uptake of LEED globally has been extensive and Tracker Plus is keen to support teams working to rate their buildings using the scheme.

Tracker Plus LEED combines effective team collaboration and project management with LEED Online interaction throughout the assessment process. By coordinating assessment project management and submittals Tracker Plus helps to administer the assessment and to efficiently achieve your target LEED rating.

The Tracker Plus team are committed to developing assessment project management systems that unite the project team to achieve the highest possible LEED rating while unlocking precious time that can be spent designing and constructing truly sustainable buildings and communities. To help deliver these objectives, Tracker Plus provides a number of innovative features:

Full team collaboration and project management

Interact and synchronize with LEED Online

Main credit dashboard getting you to the information you need fast

LEED forms, document upload and credit information

Assigning responsibilities, due dates and automated email reminders

Interaction with your LEED coordinator

Reports generation

Team provided with update emails

Direct submittals and interaction with LEED Online leading to connect with your reviewer

Helpful information and new features

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