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Sustainable Intelligence

Tracker Plus is helping build a clearer, brighter future in the built environment space.

A comprehensive, end-to-end management system for green certification and sustainability and social KPI metrics.

Through our tools we:

  • Efficiently manage data and teams
  • Provide clarity to projects
  • Offer easy access, easy to use tools
  • Hold secure, centrally held data
  • Reduce risk and improve quality of data
  • Create leaderboards and drive change
What people are saying:

  • "We've been using the Tracker Plus portal for more than 10 years and are really happy with it - it's a great resource for design and construction teams, summarising the criteria and requirements, and makes assembling reports for the BRE much more efficient. Less documentation, more sustainability!"
    Mel Allwood, Associate, Arup
  • "Tracker Plus is an essential certification tool - now the industry standard. It is flexible, transparent and results in time savings."
    Yasmina Mikhael, Renewable Environmental Services, Long & Partners
  • "Tracker Plus KPI has been instrumental in streamlining Sir Robert McAlpine’s sustainability data collection, bringing teams and information together and allowing multi-level reporting which supports our ongoing drive to improve sustainability across our projects."
    Adam Robinson, Senior Sustainability Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
  • "The Optimise 2 software has been vital to the successful roll out of our new 2022 Responsible Business Strategy. It has enabled our entire supply chain and our clients to join in and together help improve our contribution to society. One of the biggest advantages of Optimise 2 is how quick and intuitive it is, saving the Mace responsible business team and our suppliers valuable time - allowing them to focus on driving positive change and influencing how we manage sustainability in project delivery."
    Sustainability Director, Mace
  • "The Tracker Plus KPI system allows EDF HPC to see a holistic picture of resource use across the project, analyse data on multiple levels and develop evidence based targets in collaboration with our Contract partners aiming for continuous improvement."
    EDF covering all of Hinkley Point C
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